Downright Studio offers a wide array of audio production and recording services, including:



Pre-Production Services

  • Songwriting and composition support to help you craft the perfect song
  • Pre-recording rehearsals to polish your sound
  • Selection and hiring of session musicians from our roster, on an as needed basis



Recording and Production Services

  • Full band recording sessions in a comfortable setting
  • Complete mixing and engineering services included with every session
  • Vocal recording and overdub sessions in our sound-isolated and treated vocal booth
  • Audio editing and "comping" to optimize your recording
  • Final mixes provided in your preferred format



"Virtual" Session Musician Services

  • Rely on our roster of talented and affordable Session Musicians to provide backing tracks for your song
  • Add a single instrument to your song, or full band production
  • Roster includes professional session musicians for drums, bass, guitar, piano/keyboards, horns and horn sections, strings, percussion, male/female vocals, and other instrumentation
  • All session work can be reviewed "virtually", with remote approval via the internet
  • Let Downright Studio do the work, while you sit back and enjoy a complete produced song



Rates and fees available upon request. Contact 404-862-3605 or

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