Downright Studio uses a wide array of professional audio equipment to ensure that your recording is of the highest quality.


We offer 24-bit digital recording into ProTools 8.0 with pristine digital conversion by Apogee. Our specialized analogue outboard gear ensures that your recordings have the perfect sonic character.


Digital Audio
by Digidesign ProTools 8.0

by Apple Mac Pro



by Focal Professional and Mackie

Digital Conversion
by Apogee

by Neumann, B.L.U.E., AKG, Audio-Technica, Shure, SE, and Rode

Mic & Instrument Preamps
by Universal Audio, Focusrite ISA, Allen & Heath, dbx, and Mackie

Hardware & Software
by Digidesign, Empirical Labs, Waves, Line6, dbx, SoundToys, Synthogy, Massey, and Trillium Lane Labs

House Drum Kit
by Gretch, with Zildjian A Cymbals


Downright also offers a unique selection of electric and acoustic guitars, basses, and keyboards for recording artists.











Rates and fees available upon request. Contact 404-862-3605 or


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